Due Diligence

RISKSAFE can provide comprehensive due diligence services for your new investment in Cambodia. Contact us for more information on these services.

Company Checks

RISKSAFE can provide discreet background checks into a companies past relationships, the legitimacy of the business operations, past involvements of directors and senior management, and potentially links or conflicts of interest the company may have.


Asset Checks

RISKSAFE can look into the legitimacy of assets that an individuals or corporations claims to have, or covertly gain information into hidden assets in the event of a loss recovery effort. RISKSAFE can also provide property valuation services both in Cambodia and surrounding countries through a network of partnerships AZISAFE has throughout the region.


Official Document Checks

RISKSAFE keep a significant database based on the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce’s (MoC) monthly corporate registration journal, as well as working closely with the MoC to obtain public records on Cambodian corporations, directors and shareholders.

RISKSAFE can also source many other public records  and official documents legally available through a number of other government departments and ministries. Criminal record checks and outstanding warrants are often very difficult to obtain as they are based in each province. RISKSAFE’s extensive network can assist with checks throughout all provinces in Cambodia, as well as neighbouring countries through our network partnerships.


Individual Background Checks

Whether you are looking at a new employee, a potential business partner, or even a client or tenant, RISKSAFE can look into the backgrounds of individuals to give you the peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

Employee reference checks are rarely conducted here in Cambodia, and often staff with criminal history or individuals with poor work performance are allowed to behave the same way in job after job, or create problems for an employer that could easily been avoided with some simple checks.


Market Analysis Services

Introducing a new product to a market can be risky, specially in a developing economy like Cambodia. RISKSAFE can assist with market surveys and analysis to give you the vital information such as who are you competition, what are the average prices currently in the market. what are current consumer consumption rates, and who is your target market.

Given the amount of counterfeit products in this region as well as factory and supply chain theft, RISKSAFE can provide market surveys for any potential illegal products in the market, or interlectual property breaches against you company.