Event Emergency Management

Event Emergency Planning

Events are always a risk to a company as bringing a large number of people together in one place increases the likelihood of something going wrong. RISKSAFE can work with you to ensure all the plans and preparations are in place to mitigate any risks and prepare you for the unfortunate event of something going wrong.

AZISAFE has a very strong network with the emergency services in Cambodia, and can liaise on your behalf to make sure coordination works during your event and the necessary services and procedures are in place for an emergency. Our team of well trained staff are available to work with your personnel and contractors to ensure your event meets its desired outcomes of being enjoyed by all.


Crowd Management

Management of Crowds and people in general is a quite strategic process, whether it be general flow of people in an office environment of controlling large crowds at an event.

RISKSAFE as a great deal of knowledge and experience in this field and can assist you in developing procedure to ensure your crowd management does not lead to an emergency or is sufficient to evacuate people in the event of an emergency.


Traffic Management

Similar to managing crowds, the management of traffic and parking of vehicles at events is essential. RISKSAFE has a great deal of experience in this area and can provide you with planning and management services to assist your traffic management.

Mismanagement of traffic can not only cause a problem in moving people before and after an event, but can also have an impact on your surrounding community and the access of emergency vehicles and services in the event of an emergency.


Security Management

Security at events is one of the most important services. Your security teams are responsible for assisting with the management of crowds and traffic as well as playing an important roll in coordinating evacuation in the event of an emergency. On top of these tasks at an event security are also responsible for protection of assets, intervening in any conflict and ensuring the safety of staff and visitors or VIPs.

RISKSAFE focus on communications with security teams and ensuring everyone understands their roll and are well briefed on event procedures. RISKSAFE can also provide specialist training for security teams prior to an event ensuring the have the skills and knowledge to deal with any incidents that may occur.