Investigative Services

Missing Persons

RISKSAFE has worked on a number of missing persons investigations in Cambodia and have a good track record of finding people alive and well. AZISAFE is the representative of a number of large international companies in Cambodia and regularly share resources with them on international missing persons cases.

RISKSAFEs well trained personnel and and strong network with authorities and other services across the country ensure a thorough and timely investigation when every minute counts.


Fraud Investigations

One of the greatest risks that your organisation faces today is the threat of fraud against your organisation and staff. Criminals in developing markets are constantly diversifying the strategies they use to deceive your business, and steal your assets and potential revenue. Implementing sound measures to prevent the risk of fraud is critical to your organisation’s well-being.

Fraud often presents a complex web of deceit for investigators, which in many cases can take months, and sometimes years, to investigate. The risk of not identifying the people who have defrauded you and your business is very real.

RISKSAFE can provide re-active solutions to situations where your company and staff have already fallen prey to a fraud. Our qualifications in criminal investigation ensure that RISKSAFE will be able to understand the complexities of the fraud against you and your company, so that you have a greater chance of securing a successful outcome.


Brand Protection Investigations

Brand and intellectual property protection is a vital component of any organisation. Protecting your brand and intellectual property is not just about preserving your potential revenue. The damage to your brand’s reputation and image caused by trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy can be catastrophic to your business and potentially expose you and your company to unnecessary risk.

Cambodia is an emerging market with huge potential for investment. However, rule of law is still weak and the potential for your brand and intellectual property to be stolen, copied and used by competitors in the Cambodian market is extremely high.

RiskSafe can provide re-active solutions and advice on how to resolve an incident where your brand or intellectual property have been used or compromised.