Target Participant: Anyone
Prerequisites: Nil
Duration: 1 Day
Participant Numbers: Minimum of 10, Maximum of 25
Certificate: Provided
Location: Your venue or ours.
Validity: NA


Leadership in the workplace is essential for any business to succeed, but how do you identify future leaders and develop them? This course is designed to encourage your staff to show leadership in the workplace, by giving them confidence and basic skills to lead their peers in both every day activities and in pressure situations.

Over the course of a day your staff will be involved in challenging activities that will test their ability to work as a team, while providing an enjoyable environment to encourage their development. The activities will also highlight members who have natural leadership and encourage them to use these skills in a team environment.

Activities include both practical and theoretical challenges, from simple problem solving through to group discussions on issues that may draw varied opinions. Participants are coached on how to express their opinions and simple techniques to ensure their groups will follow their leadership with confidence.


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