Risk and Security Training

RST1 – Basic Risk Awareness Training – 1 Day

Being aware of the risks that surround you on a daily basis is not always a common skill with some cultures. Giving your staff the skills to highlight these daily risks and also risks to your company, will not only improve your companies preparedness and potential illuminate losses, but also provides your staff with an awareness that could potentially lead into strong management and leadership qualities, benefiting your business even further.


RST2 – Basic Security Awareness Training – 1 Day

Similar to our risk awareness training, the course provides participants with skills that will benefit them in the workplace and also in everyday life, as well as bringing strong benefits to your business. Having your entire workforce aware of potential security risks and looking out for them on a daily basis provides a greater level of security than relying on a limited number of trained individuals and systems.

You would be amazed at how many employees don’t even understand why they need to carry ID in the workplace.


RST3 – Basic Fraud Awareness Training – 1 Day

This course is designed to give staff an understanding of what fraud is, and how they can recognise potential fraud. The course focuses on both internal and external fraud, and can be effective in making staff aware of what is acceptable even down to their own behaviour.

This course includes;

  • What is fraud
  • The difference between fraud and theft
  • Types of fraud
  • Case studies/scenario review
  • The difference between internal and external fraud
  • Legal ramifications
  • How to identify fraud and what to look for
  • How to act and when to act
  • Best practice


RST4 – Equity and Diversity Awareness Training – 1 Day

Avoid the potential of workplace discrimination by making your staff aware of appropriate behaviour in the workplace. This course will develop more knowledge, awareness and understanding of the key concepts relating to discrimination, equality and diversity enabling staff to continue to promote and enhance their organisations as a diverse anti-discriminatory organisation that raises expertise and promotes good practice.

  • Understand the impact and implications of our own personal attitudes, values, beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes
  • Analyse the origins, context and manifestation of discrimination in society
  • Understand an overview of the current and future Equality and Diversity legislation
  • Examine the importance and effects of the use of language within our diverse society
  • Provide an awareness of cultural sensitivity and celebrating diversity within society
  • Challenge discriminatory attitudes and behaviour effectively
  • Planning, policy and practice on equality and diversity within the organisation



RST5 – Workplace Fraud Prevention Officer Training – 3 Days

Preventing fraud from occurring is a far better way of running your business than even the perfect response procedures to fraud when it occurs. In an ever changing business environment their is always news ways for a company to susceptible to fraud, and companies need to invest in staying ahead of the game.

Our fraud prevention officer training gives employees, not only the skills to prevent fraud in daily business, but also the skills to stay ahead of the game and look at changing processes and the impact they may have on future business and potentially opportunities that may become open for someone to take advantage of your business.

This course cover the basics of RST3 plus;

  • How to investigate fraud in detail
  • Whistleblowing
  • Implementing policies and procedures
  • Monitoring/reporting methods
  • Legal and reputational concerns
  • Audits
  • Specific prevention techniques such as mandating staff members and control processes
  • Recommendations – risk review, policy reviews, training programmes in house etc


RST6 – Risk Assessment Training

The ability to identify risk is essential in almost every role in the workplace, which is covered by our Basic Risk Awareness Training. Training individuals to not only identify, but also assess that risk and the impact that it may have on your company is a skill that everyone in management needs to have. Even the simple task of employing a new staff member comes with a great deal of risk, and the ability to evaluate that is important.



RST7 – Safe Identification of UXOs

This course is designed to provide awareness for your staff on how to safely identify a UXO and what action to take when a UXO is identified on a worksite. The course covers the different types of UXOs typically found in Cambodia, the precautions that can be taken to ensure the safety of your staff, and the typical identification factors that staff need to aware of particularly when working on regional sites to ensure UXOs are identified before they cause damage or injury.