Risk Audits and Assessments

Fire and Safety Audit

Our fire and safety audits look at all of your potential risks and the mitigations measures you currently have in place and will provide feedback on the relevance of the measures and recommendations for further measures to be taken in the form of a written summary report.

These audits are based on international best practice, in the absence of any current relevant standards in Cambodia. The audits can also be tailored to your requirements and be conducted in accordance with any international standards specified by the client.

In general our audits will cover the following topics;

  • General fire and safety risks
  • Building construction and associated risk
  • Fire protection measures in place
  • Specific risks to your industry, particularly in manufacturing
  • General health and safety issues
  • Evacuation procedures and exit ways
  • Staff training and public awareness
  • Specific risks on site such as swimming pools, child care facilities or fuel storage locations.

These audits are applicable to almost every building or business type and are a cost effective and efficient  way to get a better understanding of your risks and how well you are prepared.

At the completion of the audit you will be provided with a written summary report providing you with clear findings and point format recommendations which are easy to implement.

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Residential Fire, Safety and Security Assessments (RFSSA)

Our RFSSA program is based on the the United Nations Minimum Operational Residential Security Standard (MORSS). It is must-do-assessment to ensure the place you or your staff call home is safe for all those that live there.

As part of the RFSSA, RISKSAFE evaluate the following items;

  • Communications Plans for staff in the residences
  • Area awareness and emergency contact lists
  • Regional Warden Systems
  • Building Evacuation Plans
  • Incident Reporting Systems
  • Physical security of Residence
  • Fire Safety measures and equipment
  • First Aid awareness and equipment

RISKSAFE can tailor the RFSSA to meet your company or organisations policies and procedures, and can also assist in developing policies and procedures to ensure the safety and security of your staff.


Security Audits

RISKSAFE can audit not only you physical security arrangements at your place of business, but also look at the security risks associated with your daily business processes and the way your staff conduct themselves.

Security in countries like Cambodia needs to be a significant consideration in daily business for all companies and organisations.

RISKSAFE will provide a written summary report of our findings as well as recommendations to where improvements can be made in your security measures. RISKSAFE can also provide assistance in developing polices and procedures to ensure all your security risks are mitigated.


Covert Security Assessments

What better way to get a true picture of where your security weaknesses are than for us to test them for you. RISKSAFE covertly puts your security systems and processes to the test in order to highlight potential risks to your business.

Discovering weaknesses in your systems and processes is the best way to gain the knowledge required to improve your security.

Our covert assessments test the ability of your staff to dynamically manage situations and highlight areas of training and reinforcement required. Many businesses see identifying weaknesses as a failure, however it is important to remember that the weaknesses already exist and by identifying them you have the ability to rectify them before they have a negative impact on you business.


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